Trang Provincial MDG Report 2008

01 Jan 2008


Subsequent to joining other countries around the world to ratify the Millennium Declartaion in September 2000, Thailand prepared its first national MDG Report in 2004 to detail its preogress towards achieving the targets embodied in the global Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

After preparing its national report, Thailand launched a localization process to support the formulation of Provincial MDG Reports.  The first province to undertake the process was Mae Hong Son in 2005, followed by Nakhon Phanom in 2006.  The localization process seeks to reflect the status of development at the provincial level and provide the necessary support for future development in terms of human capacity building, data systems development and provincial development planning.  The findings in this report on the province of Trang have benefited from the experience gained in Mae Hong Son and Nakhon Phanom.  Further, the report takes account of linkages between the MDGs and the provincial development strategy that may subsequently be translated into action plans for implementation.

Trang has gained valuable knowledge through adapting the global and national MDGs, and their associated targets, to the provincial level.  As a result, the provincial has been able to improve its development plans and initiatives, and will use this report to review its previous development actions and look forward to a future working with the global community towards common development goals.


  • Provincial MDG Reports
  • Linkage between the MDGs and the provincial development strategy
  • Adapting the global and national MDGs and their associated targets to the provincial level