Thailand Official Development Assistance Report 2007-2008

01 Jan 2009


With its key role in the provision of Thai ODA to other developing countries, Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency has realised the importance of available accurate ODA information. Thus, a Sub-Committee on ODA Data Collection was set up with participations from relevant public and private agencies to give direction in ODA data collection and compilation and to ensure better coordination among donor agencies for a complete picture of overall Thai ODA.

This is the first comprehensive report on Thai Official Development Assistance (ODA) offered by Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with continuous support from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Thailand. UNDP Thailand has also provided specialists for the improvement of the overall Thai ODA data system as well as clearer understanding of the definition and types of ODA for relevant donor ministries and agencies.

This will lead to more accurate and complete ODA information in compliance with OECD requirements for DAC and non-DAC Members, like Thailand, for their annual reporting. Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency would like to express its appreciation to UNDP Thailand for its active support for the production of this report. We hope that this report will be of benefit, both directly and indirectly, to all line ministries, principal donors and to the public at large.

Chitriya Pinthong, Director-General
Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency