Women's Right to a Political Voice in Thailand

06 Jan 2006

MDG3: Promote Gender Equlity and Empower Women

This report is the product of a partnership between the Women for Democratic Development Foundation and the United Nations Development Programme. It is the fruit of a long process of consultation and dialogue, bringing together eminent experts, government officials, academics, and activists.We would in particular like to express our deep appreciation to the members of the Advisory Panel who guided the research and production of this report.

As a contribution to the crucial work of the Subcommittee on Women’s Participation in Politics and Administration, Ministry of Social Welfare and Human Security, this report aims at highlighting the current status of women’s role in government, analyzing the reasons behind the slow progress to date, and proposing ways and means to overcome existing barriers to women in politics, be they implicit, or explicit, latent or manifest.

Targeted at policy makers, politicians, proponents of gender equality, and the general public, the report is intended to provide illuminating information as well as to serve as a tool for mobilizing support for increased women’s participation in politics and administration.