The Millennium Development Goals Eight Goals for 2015

  • UNDP and partners establish “Refuse to be corrupt” café project

  • UNDP Thailand places Human Achievement Index on the provincial radar


Human Development Reports

  • National Human Development Report 2014: Advancing Human Development through the ASEAN Community

  • Human Development Report 2014: Sustaining Human Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience

The United Nations Wants to Hear from YOU!

From now until 2015, you can help define the next set of global goals by telling us the changes that you would like to see in the world.

The Millennium Declaration

In 2000, 189 nations made a promise to free people from extreme poverty and multiple deprivations. This pledge turned into the eight Millennium Development Goals. 

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8 Important Goals

Latest MDG Reports
Thailand Millennium Goals Report 2009

This 2009 Report highlights successes and challenges on meeting MDG targers. Sucesses include poverty and hunger, universal primary education, gender equality, HIV/AIDS, and global partnerships.

Trang Provincial MDG Report 2008

This report documents the progress of Trang province on the Millennium Development Goals for 2008.  The Report to helps the government plan development actions and look forward to a future working with the communities towards common development goals.

Nakhorn Phakom MDG Report 2006

This provincial report documents the progress of the Thai province of Nakhorn Phakom on the Millennium Development Goals for 2006.