6 Reduce child mortality

Where are we?

UNDP Thailand/Mark S. Cogan : A Karen child in Mae Hong Son Province in Northern Thailand

Thailand has made great progress in reducing child mortality.  Because of extraordinary efforts over the past 20 years, children in Thailand face much lower under-5 mortality, declining from 32 per 1000 in 1990 to just 14 in 2008

Thailand’s impressive average decrease is attributed to overall economic growth and poverty reduction, and improved health insurance coverage.  The success Thailand has had in combating under-5 child mortality could help inform comparable middle-income or developing countries still struggling to meet their MDG targets and reduce social inequalities.

While the original goal of reducing under-5 child mortality by two thirds has been met, Thailand is poised to make even greater progress.  Child and maternal health care, for example vaccination and pre-natal care, is universal. Lack of adequate health care is evident primarily in the remote and mountainous northern provinces and in the southernmost provinces.

Improving the overall quality of service is another policy priority. This calls for upgrading the expertise of health personnel and elevating mother-and-child health from a women’s or family matter to part of the community development agenda.

Under-Five Mortality Rate (per 1,000 live births)

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