Crisis Prevention and Recovery

Photo Courtesy of IRIN/SHERMAINE HO : Thailand's severe flooding in 2011 killed more than 300 people and affected millions of others.
  • Southern Thailand Empowerment and Participation (STEP) Project

    UNDP is working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enhance community empowerment and public participation in local governance processes in Southern Thailand, focusing on capacity development of community-based organizations and local government.

  • Integrated Community Development for Livelihoods and Social Cohesion in Mae Hong Son Province

    UNDP supported a project aimed at improving the lives of the population of Mae Hong Son province by supporting and enhancing the livelihood of its local communities. Mae Hong Son is the poorest province in Thailand with the country’s lowest Human Development Index (National Human Development Report 2007).

  • 2011 Flooding Early Recovery and Coordination Support for Thailand

    Severe flooding has continued to ravage Thailand in recent months. Since late July, Tropical Storm Nockten and seasonal southwest monsoon have caused torrential rain and widespread flooding in the North and Northeast regions of Thailand. In early October, the tropical storm Nalgae brought additional heavy precipitation causing prolong floods affecting the Northeast, East and Central part of the country.

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UN Partnership Framework Agreement (UNPAF)

The UNPAF is the formal agreement between the UN and the Royal Thai Government for 2012-2016.