Sustaining Thailand’s Democratic Practice through Improvement of Inclusive Electoral Process

Election Process
UNDP Thailand

UNDP aims to ensure continuity of democratic governance through the support of an “electoral cycle” approach. It takes the view that through long-term capacity development of the Secretariat Office to the Election Commission of Thailand (OECT), the transparency and inclusivity of the electoral process will be increased.

This project combines initiatives on national civic education strategies and research studies to identify areas for improving institutional capacities of the OECT. The project stresses the pivotal role of the OECT in supporting the Electoral Commission of Thailand to fulfil is mandate, alongside the importance of inclusive representation, with particular attention to the ratio of women in elected bodies.

The purpose is to further deepen democratic standards, in accordance with national parameters. It seeks to enhance inclusive representation and the transparent management of the electoral process.

What are the project's goals?

Goal 1: Develop a strategic plan for national civic education and recommendations institutional reform for inclusive representation

Produce a national strategic plan for civic education to advocate democratic governance. This output is in response to the general public perspective that there is a need to educate the public to enhance their understanding on democratic values and its practice. How?

  • Establishing a committee on civic education
  • Drafting national strategies on civic education
  • Organizing consultative workshop and dialogue with stake holders
  • Commissioning studies and reviewing gender equality and ration of women representation

Goal 2: Develop modules and materials for training and advocacy

  • Training and development of OECT
  • Supporting dialogues and discussions on election and democratic values within national parameters
  • Develop module on democratic governance for the public
  • Documentary film production for civic education on election and democratic governance
  • Develop materials for civic education focusing on democratic values and electoral process

Goal 3: Complete comparative study papers and knowledge sharing on approaches to improve electoral management and adjudication

This project aims for two subset activities: desk reviews and workshops to explore best practices from other countries’ experiences. How?

  • Commissioning comparative studies and international best practices in  strengthening mechanisms for election, as well as management and adjudication
  • Organizing national workshops on comparative best practices on the approach to strengthening electoral mechanisms and to promote democratic governance in Thailand

Who finances it?

Donor Name Amount contributed per year
DGTTF US$ 260,000

Delivery in previous fiscal year

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Donor Name Amount contributed per year
Project Overview
Project Start Date:
March 2011
Estimated End Date:
December 2012
Geographic Coverage:
Focus area:
Democratic Governance
Project Officer
Mr. Somchai Yensabai
The Office of the Election Commission of Thailand (OECT)