UNDP Thailand / Farming is a traditional way of life in most of rural Thailand. But the age of the family farmer is increasing, putting Thailand's food security at risk.

Environment & Energy

  • Climate Change Finance

    The arrival of Thailand's national climate change master plan marks the first time that climate change issues have become an explicit goal on the national development agenda. To succeed, though, public finance needs to be aligned to climate change policies.

  • Promoting Renewable Energy in Mae Hong Son Province

    The Thai Government has made it a goal to get as much as 20 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2022. UNDP aims to help Mae Hong Son Province in Northern Thailand become the first province to be energy sufficient.

  • Strengthening the Capacity of Vulnerable Coastal Communities to address the Risk of Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events

    Thailand is prone to a number of climate-related risks including intense rainfall, drought, tropical storms and cyclones, windstorms and storm surges. Coastal communities whose livelihoods depending on coastal and marine resources are the most vulnerable community.

  • Catalyzing the Sustainability of Thailand’s Protected Area System

    Thailand’s protected area system is changing. There are concerns that the size of many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are insufficient to sustain their flora and fauna. Biodiversity within these areas remain under threat from many sources. While the Royal Thai Government, NGOs and other partners have focused efforts on the existing protected area system and other conservation initiatives, the loss of habitat and biodiversity continues through the clearing of forests, infrastructure, and agriculture, as well other unsustainable land uses such as hunting, and poorly-managed tourism development.

  • Promoting Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings (PEECB)

    UNDP aims to reduce GHG emissions from the Thai commercial building sector through the promotion and facilitation of the widespread application of building energy efficiency technologies and practices.

Our Work - Environment & Energy

UNDP is working closely with the Royal Thai Government and NGOs as an engaged partner. The Environment programme under the 2012-2016 UNDP Thailand Country Programme has set targets for supporting national mechanisms in environmental policy and regulation, community management of natural resources, and developing knowledge management around environmental initiatives and policy advocacy. Specific projects include building national capacity to facilitate the implementation of obligations under international environmental conventions and supporting policies and dialogues on new climate change initiatives. 

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UN Partnership Framework Agreement (UNPAF)

The UNPAF is the formal agreement between the UN and the Royal Thai Government for 2012-2016.