Democratic Governance

UNDP's partnership on democratic governance in Thailand is targeted at both ends of the democracy spectrum – the decentralized grassroots level and the central national level. At the local level, UNDP supports on-going efforts to promote participatory development planning and decision-making, building capacity for effective implementation of poverty reduction and development programmes, the empowerment of women, and works to create a stronger voice for people in local governance.


At the national level, UNDP provides strategic support to Thai institutions, both governmental and non-governmental, working in areas such as decentralization, civic education, anti-corruption, rule of law, transparency, right to information, women's political empowerment, and human rights. UNDP also facilitates policy dialogue and knowledge-sharing within Thailand, as well as with other countries faced with similar middle-income country (MIC) challenges.

Using Journalism to Promote Peace

UNDP is using alternative media as a means of promoting peace in conflict-affected areas through its Southern Thailand Empowerment and Participation (STEP) Project. The Southern Border Young Journalism School created an way for local people to have easy and reliable information and take into account gender perspectives.more

Our Stories

  • UNDP Thailand/ Mark S. Cogan | Atom Govlabel, a student at Ubon Ratchathani University gives a rousing speech to 1,500+ students in front of the Bangkok Art and Culture Center on December 9.

    Students crowd Bangkok on Anti-Corruption Day, December 9
    Student Rally

    Taking a personal stand against corruption, more than 1,500 university students from all over Thailand came by bus, by car, and by plane to meet atmore

  • UNDP Thailand / Mark S. Cogan | "The Man in the Colorful Suit"

    Public gets good look at corruption from the 'inside'
    Art Exhbition

    Starting with a Special Preview held on December 9 (International Anti-Corruption Day) and closing on 16 December, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) wrapped up itsmore

  • UNDP Thailand/Elise Bjastad | Local villagers are excited about the ecotourism potential of the Grand Salt Lick, a large natural mineral and salt deposit that wildlife use to gain important nutrients.

    Renewable energy and ecotourism could be ‘green’ boost for rural Thai province

    MAE HONG SON PROVINCE, THAILAND - Millions of tourists flock to Thailand every year for its rich culture, exotic cuisine, and distinct architecture. But far fewermore

  • UNDP Thailand : Journalism courses helped train young people on the importance of accurate information and engaged them on how to work toward conflict resolution.

    UNDP uses journalism to promote peace in Southern Thailand

    SONGKHLA, THAILAND - Amid conflict in Thailand’s Southern Provinces, access to public information can be difficult. The media has an important role to play inmore

Our Projects


Sustaining Thailand’s Democratic Practice through Improvement of Inclusive Electoral Process

UNDP aims to ensure its continuity of democratic governance through the support of an “electoral cycle” approach. It takes view that through long-term capacity development of the Secretariat Office to the Election Commission of Thailand (OECT) transparency and inclusivity of the electoral process will be increased. more

STEP Project

Southern Thailand Empowerment and Participation (STEP) Project

UNDP is working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enhance community empowerment and public participation in local governance processes in Southern Thailand, focusing on capacity development of community-based organizations and local government. more