Democratic Governance

UNDP's partnership on democratic governance in Thailand is targeted at both ends of the democracy spectrum – the decentralized grassroots level and the central national level. At the local level, UNDP supports on-going efforts to promote participatory development planning and decision-making, building capacity for effective implementation of poverty reduction and development programmes, the empowerment of women, and works to create a stronger voice for people in local governance.


At the national level, UNDP provides strategic support to Thai institutions, both governmental and non-governmental, working in areas such as decentralization, civic education, anti-corruption, rule of law, transparency, right to information, women's political empowerment, and human rights. UNDP also facilitates policy dialogue and knowledge-sharing within Thailand, as well as with other countries faced with similar middle-income country (MIC) challenges.

Using Journalism to Promote Peace

UNDP is using alternative media as a means of promoting peace in conflict-affected areas through its Southern Thailand Empowerment and Participation (STEP) Project. The Southern Border Young Journalism School created an way for local people to have easy and reliable information and take into account gender perspectives.more

Our stories

  • UNDP helps Thailand towards a corrupt –free public procurement system
    Draft procurement law

    Public procurement is seen as one of the most exposed risk areas to corruption and fraudulent practices in any country. The sheer extensive volume of business transactions that take place involving private and public sector bodies, potentially offer great opportunities for irregularities and private gains, claims a recent United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) integrity risk assessment.more

Our projects

STEP Project

Southern Thailand Empowerment and Participation (STEP) Project

UNDP is working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enhance community empowerment and public participation in local governance processes in Southern Thailand, focusing on capacity development of community-based organizations and local government. more

Anti-Corruption Initative

Advancing Anti-Corruption Effort in Thailand - A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Corruption is a serious national problem in Thailand. In order to engage the public about the moral consequences of inaction and to raise public awareness about reducing corruption in Thai society, a wider channel is needed. UNDP aims to reach the Thai public in more intimate settings and in an atmospheres that will invite active and collective participation. more