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  • 'Water for People' partnership shows early results'Water for People' partnership shows early resultsFeb 19, 2015UNDP's new partnership with the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) is beginning to bear fruit. Small grant projects along the Mae Klong river basin are restoring local ecosystems, enhancing local livelihoods, and educating communities about the importance of clean water and organic farming.

  • Innovation Thailand Sustainable MaizeInnovation Thailand Sustainable MaizeFeb 19, 2015Thailand ranks among the world’s top-ten exporters of chicken. And in fact, it exports only 30 per cent of the chicken it farms – the rest is eaten domestically. As a result, the mountains of grain needed to produce chicken-feed have caused more than 5 million acres of agricultural and forest land to be cleared for maize farming.

  • MUSLIM WOMEN IN SOUTH THAILAND EMPOWERED TO DEVELOP THEIR OWN CITIZEN NEWS REPORTSMUSLIM WOMEN IN SOUTH THAILAND EMPOWERED TO DEVELOP THEIR OWN CITIZEN NEWS REPORTSNov 19, 2014Thirty-four Muslim women from Southern Thailand, used their new found skills in broadcasting journalism to direct and edit their own news reports on issues pertinent to their lives. The women’s first-ever citizen news reports were developed over a three-day media communications training held in Songkhla province, in collaboration with Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) and supported by UNDP in Thailand.