"The Glass Ceiling"

The Glass Ceiling is a UNDP documentary film that chronicles the journey of a local political leader in the North of Thailand, Ms. Siriporn Panyasen, who at the age of 16 is forced to leave school to take care of her sick father and be the sole provider for a family of 12. Ms. Panyasen’s sacrifice and her desire to serve her community led her to run for political office—despite many risks.

Siriporn is thrust into the role of caretaker and breadwinner at 16, despite having few skills or education. Taking over family responsibilities and assisting her mother with village duties led many to respect the young Siriporn—which fed her leadership aspirations. Eventually, she reaches the point where her volunteer duties interfere with the political ambitions of others—and Siriporn hits the proverbial “glass ceiling.

Read a synopsis of 'The Glass Ceiling' in English and Thai.