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Thailand has reached new economic heights quickly, lifting millions out of poverty and providing opportunities for education and health care to millions of Thais. But middle-income challenges persist. Just about 16 percent of Thai Parliament is represented by women. Economic and social inequalities are stark. Development challenges in a middle-income country are unique and critical.

Our Goals

Our goals are simple. Empower women to take on greater roles in Thai society--be it in their communities or in the halls of Parliament. We also aim to provide sound policy advice and technical support to the Royal Thai Government using UNDP's global network and knowledge management expertise.

Political Security

UNDP's 2009 Human Development Report was launched during a turbulent political period. Despite the distraction, UNDP managed to give clear policy solutions to the Government to tackle persistent development challenges.

Our Stories

Projects and Initiatives


Every Home a Safe Home: Supporting Thailand Towards Effective Implementation of Protection of Domestic Violence Victims Act BE2550 (2007)

UNDP aims to achieve effective implementation of the Protection of Domestic Violence Victims Act (2007) of Thailand. Under the Act, different government agencies such as the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Justice, Police and social services are obliged to work together to provide protection and support services to survivors of domestic violence. The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS) is assigned to set up an operational system that triggers action of multiple agencies, in order to provide survivors with the comprehensive protection and support services prescribed in the law. more

Gender Quotas

The Political Empowerment of Women in Thailand: Gender Quota Systems and Policy Advocacy

UNDP’s strategic objective is provide multi-dimensional information sources on poverty and gender issues, particularly in the area of gender quota system in Thailand. Empowering women politically will directly affect the lives of their families and the local communities and help Thailand advance progress in meeting MDG 3+ targets. more

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Human Development Reports

  • 2009 Thailand National Human Development Report
    2009 NHDR

    Using the human security approach, the 2009 HDR surveys a whole spectrum of human development issues, draws attention to old risks and threats that persist, and identifies new risks and threats that are emerging with changes in the economy, society and the country’s position in the world. Read the Report

  • 2007 Thailand National Human Development Report
    2007 NHDR

    In the 2007 NHDR, the Sufficiency Economy approach stresses the importance of “self-immunity”, or the need for communities to possess resilience against external or internal shocks, be they economic downturns, soaring fuel prices, natural disasters, ill health in families, or bad harvests. Read the Report

"The Glass Ceiling"

Watch UNDP's documentary on women's political empowerment in Thailand.