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  • UNDP: Fastest Population Shift In History Means Make Or Break For Asia-Pacific25 Apr 2016The report, entitled “Shaping the Future: How Changing Demographics Can Power Human Development”, notes that Asia-Pacific countries now have more working-aged people and fewer dependents than at any point in history, providing a springboard for growth. Region-wide, 68 percent of people are of working age and only 32 percent are dependents.

  • UNDP to launch report on people-centered development in Asia-Pacific13 Apr 2016The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) announced today that it will launch its new human development report “Shaping the Future: How Changing Demographics Can Power Human Development,” on April 26 in Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Thinking globally acting locally - Water for People Partnership15 Mar 2016The “Small Communities, Big Thoughts” video showcases how UNDP Thailand partnering with the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, supports communities to address national water resource conservation problems and promote sustainable development.

  • Activists call for coordinated, human rights-based response to gender equality and gender-based violence in Thailand6 Mar 2016A more coordinated, multi-sectoral response is needed to address gender inequality and gender-based violence of marginalized people in Thai society, including women, children and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people, said participants at a conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  • Childhood friends uplifting women affected by conflict in southern Thailand3 Mar 2016Childhood friends Duangsuda Srangamphai and Chehyoy Dama, originally from Thienya village, Pattani province in southern Thailand, recently established a community enterprise called Thienya Roasted Coconut to uplift the spirits of women from their village who had been affected by conflict.

  • UNDP provides access to clean cooking solutions in northern Thailand3 Mar 2016Mae Hong Son in northern Thailand is the poorest province in the country. Only 55 per cent of the population have access to energy services and many households are not connected to an energy grid.

  • Commercial buildings in Thailand work towards meeting energy efficiency goals24 Feb 2016The PEECB project aims to support the improvement and construction of energy-saving buildings, by strengthening national capacity in promoting environment management in a sustainable manner. The project’s main goal is to reduce green-house gas emissions from Thai commercial buildings, by supporting and encouraging the use and adoption of energy efficiency technologies in the commercial sector.

  • UNDP Thailand participates at ASEAN Conference on Biodiversity for Sustainable Development17 Feb 2016Recognising that biodiversity and sustainable development are inextricably linked, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Centre for Biodiversity, in cooperation with ASEAN Member States, the ASEAN Secretariat and partner organisations, held the Second ASEAN Conference on Biodiversity under the theme “Biodiversity for Sustainable Development” on 15 - 19 February in Bangkok.

  • Fisherman provides employment opportunities for young people in southern Thailand11 Feb 2016Aka who is a fisherman by trade, makes the model boats to supplement his income to support his wife and six children. However, since June 2015, Aka has being imparting his boat making skills with young men in the village after receiving a small grant from UNDP’s Southern Thailand Empowerment and Participation (STEP) Project.

  • New Book “Parks for Life” highlights the immense value of national parks in Thailand10 Feb 2016The new book, Parks for Life: Why We Love Thailand’s National Parks, aims to create a better recognition of, and greater commitment and support to protect the country’s rich biodiversity. The publication advocates for investing in the management of protected areas to promote inclusive economic growth that takes the real value of biodiversity and ecosystems into account in decision-making in the country’s development.

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