Foundation started for greenhouse gas inventory capacity building

12 Sep 2010

Inventory may help provinces make decisions on how to best reduce GHG emissions

BANGKOK - The Environment Unit of UNDP organized the first workshop on Khon Kaen’s Green House Gas (GHG) Inventory “Training of Trainers” on September 6 and 7 in Khon Kaen. It was the first workshop of a series of three where UNDP, in partnership with King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi’s Joint Graduate School for Energy and Environment (JGSEE), the Office of Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP), and Regional Environmental Office (REO) Region 10, provides capacity building support on a process of developing GHG inventory to Khon Kaen City as part of UNDP’s Low Carbon Cities Initiatives component.

A key goal of the first workshop was to inform and educate key stakeholder groups in Khon Kaen, especially academic groups, the private sector, provincial offices, regional environmental offices, etc. about a process of GHG inventory development. Khon Kaen, through Khon Kaen University and other academic institutions, is expected to then form an academic team to provide further capacity building support and other subsequent training to a greater team and other sectors in the province and in the region. The first workshop also demonstrated a need for expanded involvement from other provinces from the Northeastern region, with hopes of creating a network of knowledge nodes for provincial-level GHG inventory development.

UNDP is supporting ONEP and REO10 to build up their capacity prior to GHG inventory development at provincial level. The Royal Thai Government is trying to see if the development of GHG inventory can be done at this level and they have selected Khon Kaen as a pilot. The Office of Natural Resources and Environment Policy and Planning (ONEP) would like to create and expand knowledge networks at the provincial level on this issue, for as of now, a pool of experts is mainly in Bangkok.

Following the first workshop, UNDP is currently supporting Khon Kaen and ONEP to prepare a second workshop where technical knowledge, data collection, and GHG inventory calculation exercises will be provided for certain groups of participants from Khon Kaen itself and other northeastern regions. These participants are expected to be academics from Khon Kaen university, Suranari University, Mahasarakarm University and Ubonrachathani University; key officials from Regional Environment Offices (Region 9-12), as well as other representatives from the province and municipality of Khon Kaen.

UNDP believes this activity will also generate concerted efforts among policy makers, provincial government agencies, private sector and academic society within a process of capacity building at the provincial level through the development of this GHG inventory. Once developed it will be used as indicators for Khon Kaen to make informed decisions how it can effectively reduce its GHG emission as a province. As a result, Khon Kaen could become be a model for other provinces to follow.