UNDP prepares new CPD for 2012-2016 programme cycle

Feb 3, 2011

BANGKOK - The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is fast at work developing the new Country Programme Document (CPD), the framework by which UNDP works with the Royal Thai Government and other national partners to develop a country programme.

Country programmes are implemented jointly by national partners and agencies, while ownership rests with the government. The results to be achieved – agency outcomes and outputs - contribute to the achievement of UNPAF outcomes. The new CPD, which has been under preparation since late last year through an extensive participatory and consultative process, has four main programmes: 1) Improved Social Equity through Inclusive Governance; 2) Thailand as an Active Global Partner for Development; 3) Effective Response to Climate Change; and 4) Advocacy for Human Development and MDGs.

These programme areas are designed to correspond with the United Nations Partnership Framework (UNPAF), which also lasts 5 years. The larger work of the United Nations in Thailand is directed under the framework of the 11th National Plan of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB). UNDP will continue to develop projects and programmes in areas where its policy expertise can be of best use. Increased attention will be paid to Human Security issues, climate change adaptation and community resilience programmes, gender equality and women’s empowerment, and anti-corruption advocacy.

UNDP got off to an early start on the new CPD, which will start in 2012 and will last through 2016. The Thailand Country Office held a National Consultation Workshop on Tuesday, February 1 with national partners, fellow UN agencies, and members of the academic community. More than 100 participants gave critical feedback on the proposed draft. The CPD is expected to be approved by the UNDP Executive Board in September 2011.