Small communities, Big thoughts: water management and conservation

Mar 15, 2016

The “Small Communities, Big Thoughts” video showcases how UNDP Thailand, partnering with the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority established the Water for People Partnership/ Small Grants Programme to address national water resource conservation problems and promote sustainable development. The Water for People Partnership Programme aims to support and empower communities in Thailand, to preserve and improve the natural ecosystem they have lived in harmony with for centuries.  


Community involvement and empowerment, where local people see themselves as direct stakeholders and take ownership is fundamental to conservation. Their livelihoods are directly dependable on the natural resources base; and they are the first to be affected by environmental depletion and degradation. It is therefore important for them to have the support and resources to increase their capacity to conserve and manage natural resources in their own localities.

"The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority believes that local communities play vital roles in natural and environmental conservation,", said Thanasak Watanatham, Governor of Metropolitan Waterworks Authority. " We worked with UNDP to provide knowledge to communities along the Chao Phraya and Mae Klong Rivers," he added.

Since 2011, 25 communities living along the watershed areas of the Chao Phraya River have received small grants and technical support from the  Water for People Partnership project to improve the quality of the water.

This film was produced by Michael Glowacki and George Yamamoto.

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