UNDP reviews new Country Programme Document

01 Apr 2011

BANGKOK - Taking the next step toward redefining itself in the face of Thailand’s changing development picture, UNDP held its second public consultation with government and national partners this week, convening the Local Project Appraisal Committee, or LPAC, at the Amari Watergate Hotel in Bangkok, on March 29.

More than 25 partners met to review the most recent draft of the Country Programme Document (CPD), which spotlights UNDP’s strategic priorities for the next five-year programme cycle, beginning in 2012.

Representatives from various line ministries from the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to international stakeholders such as the European Union Delegation to Thailand met with UNDP senior staff for more than two hours and gave constructive comments and suggestions.

“The new CPD is the result a series of work by UNDP and our government partners. Beginning with the middle-income study in 2009, which helped us redefine our work, this CPD reflects a shift for UNDP from a project based approach to a programmatic approach,” said Ms. Gwi-Yeop Son, UNDP Resident Representative.

The new 2012-2016 Country Programme Document is aligned with the Royal Thai Government’s 11th National Economic and Social Development Plan.

The CPD is also closely linked to the broader United Nations Partnership Framework (UNPAF), which also takes development cues from the NESDP.In development since late last year, the new CPD has four main programmes: 1) Improved Social Equity through Inclusive Governance; 2) Thailand as an Active Global Partner for Development; 3) Effective Response to Climate Change; and 4) Advocacy for Human Development and MDGs.

The final draft CPD will be submitted to the Executive Board of the United Nations Development Programme for final approval, along with related United Nations Partnership Framework (UNPAF) in September.