New UN Partnership Framework Agreement signed at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

01 May 2011

imageUNDP Thailand/Mark S. Cogan : The United Nations signed the new Partnership with Thailand in April 2011 for the 2012-2016 Programme Cycle.

BANGKOK - A new five-year agreement of cooperation worked out between United Nations and the Royal Thai Government was signed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday, April 28, 2011.

The agreement builds on the UNPAF 2007-2011 and guides the preparation and implementation of UN programmes in Thailand during the next five-year period.The UNPAF 2012-16 is the result of extensive discussions with government and non-government partners of the UN and within the UN Country Team.

It focuses on the UN working in partnership with the RTG and other stakeholders to provide to Thailand, as a middle-income country, the highest quality policy advice and other support, in a quick, flexible and efficient manner.

This partnership is also a two-way sharing of knowledge and experience through which Thailand shares its expertise and experience with the rest of the world as well as benefiting from knowledge and best practices from other countries.The UNPAF 2012-16 is closely aligned with the following three development strategies contained in the RTG’s 11th National Economic and Social Development Plan (NESDP 2012-2016):

Promoting the just society: The UN system will support social reform for equity and empowerment, including strengthening the social protection system, enhancing human rights and access to justice, and improving the quality of information for and analysis of issues in social policy. It will also provide support for specific social programmes that are the focus of particular UN agencies.

Strengthening economic cooperation in the region: The UN system will support Thailand as an effective development partner in the international community and support the development of a creative economy in view of the important role this will play in strategically positioning Thailand as a socio-economic regional actor.

Managing natural resources and the environment towards sustainability: The UN system will support Thailand in responding to the challenges of climate change, and work on issues with respect to the nexus between poverty and the environment and energy and the environment.

The UNPAF 2012-16 is also aligned with the three other development strategies of the 11th NESDP, where support will be more limited and provided by UN agencies working individually or through thematic collaboration. Both the UNCT and the RTG also appreciate the importance of the normative work of the UN and the fact that such work increases in relative importance for the UN as countries climb the “development ladder."