UNV to call for Thai National Volunteers at Street Fair

27 Mar 2012

imageThere are more than 15 UN Volunteers serving with UN agencies in Thailand.

BANGKOK –  The United Nations Volunteers will join the Volunteer Spirit Network at the 2nd Volunteer Street Fair next weekend, March 31-April 1 at Benjasiri Park. The outdoor street fair will spotlight the work of volunteers and launch a large-scale recruitment of Thai nationals for volunteer opportunities at UN agencies.

“There’s a real need for national volunteers to serve in local communities with local contexts,” said Maridel Alberto, UNV Programme Officer.

A number of UN agencies have been seeking Thai nationals to serve in local community project areas and often work with international colleagues.

“National volunteers bring the added value of understanding the local language and bring a familiarity with local culture. They can get right to work,” Alberto said.

UNV hopes to establish a national registry of Thai volunteers.

Globally, 33% of UN Volunteers are national UN Volunteers working in their home countries. Candidates should have at least a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited university, a minimum of 5 years of professional experience, be 25 years of age, and have excellent communication skills in English.

The Street Fair will be an opportunity to learn as well as talk with a number of volunteer organizations. Separated into five zones, the fair will give participants the chance to learn a number of new skills in zones 1 and 2, from first aid, survival skills, yoga, and the making of life jackets. Zone three will seek to raise awareness about natural disasters and educate participants about climate change, draw lessons from previous natural catastrophes, and understand the crucial role volunteers play in disaster situations.

Participating organizations include the Mirror Foundation, the Foundation for Children with Disability (FCD), the Graduate Volunteer Center at Thammasat University, Tonkla News, Thailand Public Broadcasting Service and the Plankrich Foundation.

“Volunteerism is a tool for development. We learned how valuable volunteerism can be during the floods last year. Thailand needs and values its volunteers. We invite people to come out and look at all of the opportunities there are to make a difference in their community,” said Chinchai Cheechcharoen, Deputy Director, Office of the National Commission on Social Welfare Protection, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.