UNDP Thailand launches new website

18 Jul 2012

imageVisitors to UNDP Thailand's new website will have an easier time finding information and resources about UNDP's work in Thailand.

BANGKOK – The UNDP Country Office in Thailand launched its brand new website this week—and became the first country office to finish a UNDP web project that will encompass more than 160 country offices across the globe.

“Thailand’s new country office website allows us to better share our work in Thailand with the world. It makes knowledge sharing easier and more attractive,” said Yuxue Xue, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Thailand.

UNDP commissioned a website upgrade project as a way of standardizing its website management, thereby reducing inefficiencies, facilitating transparency, and ensure that the public and partners can easily access UNDP’s vast library of expertise.

The new country office websites integrate social media platforms and multimedia in an attractive, easy-to-use package. The design makes it easier for country offices to display their successes through photography, video, and custom graphics that bring to life country development statistics and relevant information.

“This was truly a collaborative effort between the country office and UNDP in New York. The Thailand office is the first of many that will adopt the new standards this year,” said Jennifer Drag, Global Project Lead at UNDP.

For UNDP in Thailand it was an opportunity to take advantage of a global UNDP product without having to outsource technical expertise. Globally, the web upgrade project should dramatically save on information technology spending, while centralizing and improving UNDP’s global brand.

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