Officials in Thailand enhance their understanding of climate change finance at workshop

Nov 29, 2013

More than 70 officials from key agencies in Thailand learnt more about Climate Change Finance at a workshop organized by UNDP and the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP).

Officials representing both government and non-governmental agencies gathered at Pullman Bangkok Kingpower Hotel on November 28, 2011, to learn more about the concept of climate change finance – the effective and efficient allocation and use of public finances to achieve national objectives on climate change and green growth – as part of a new UNDP project aimed at supporting Thailand to achieve its environmental aims.

The officials, representing a range of agencies - not all of which are directly linked to environment, also looked at the experiences of other countries implementing the concept and how it is relevant to Thailand’s national goals.

Thailand is progressing towards a low carbon and climate resilient society, as set out in its 11th National Economic and Social Development Plan. The arrival of its national climate change master plan marks the first time that climate change issues have become an explicit goal on the national development agenda. To succeed, though, public finance must be aligned to climate change policies.

With this in mind, UNDP in Thailand has launched a three-year project aimed at supporting Government efforts in this vein. Building on UNDP’s successful record of partnership with Thai counterparts, it is working closely with ONEP, as well as the National Economics and Social Development Board, the Fiscal Policy Office, and the Bureau of Budget.

Such workshops are one of several ways UNDP Thailand plan to encourage knowledge and awareness building and sharing. The UNDP will also facilitate forums, offer technical advice and training, and will monitor and evaluate the progress, and impact, of various measures implemented throughout its course, in order to help ensure Thailand’s green objectives are realized.