United Nations and P&G Thailand win Best Communications Campaign Award

Oct 13, 2015

L-R Ms. Monticha Wongnan, Media Manager; Ms. Kannika Jarusuraisin, External Relations Director, P&G; Mr. Luc Stevens, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative; and Mr. Raul Falcon, Managing Director of P&G Ltd Thailand, Myanmmar and Laos.

Remarks by Mr. Luc Stevens UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative

Best Communication Campaign Award Ceremony

Mr. Raul Falcon, Managing Director of P&G Ltd. Thailand, Myanmar and Laos,

Ms. Kannika Jarusuraisin, External Relations Director, Procter & Gamble, Thailand,

Staff of P&Gs Leadership Team,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great honor to be here with you today, to celebrate another prestigious award, in recognition of the successful partnership between the United Nations and P & G in Thailand. We collaborated on two phases of the My World survey. In 2013, the Mark a Difference campaign, and in 2014, the Have a say at the UN campaign. 

These campaigns enabled us to reach out to Thais from all sectors of society including those who are often left behind.  These awards are a shining example of when we work together, and are fully committed, how we can really contribute to making a difference in improving the lives of people in Thailand. Thank you to all the staff at P&G for their support and commitment in partnering with the United Nations on this important initiative.

Through the My World survey we provided Thais with a platform to have their voices heard. We found out what they wanted for themselves, their families and for future generations. A total of 69,000 votes was registered for the MY World survey, ranking Thailand as number three in the world, in terms of the highest number of votes obtained. The results identified six social development priorities for Thais. They were: a good education, an honest and responsive Government, better healthcare, better job opportunities, affordable and nutritious food, and lastly, protection against crime and violence.

The United Nations plans to continue this dialogue with thousands of people, through our key partners, such as P & G.  We aim to translate the key priorities into action, through our development programmes in Thailand. On the 25th of September this year, countries around the world agreed on a new set of global goals, known as Sustainable Development Goals, and also called SDGs.

The SDGs build on the eight Millennium Development Goals, known as MDGs, which the world committed to achieving by 2015. Enormous progress has been made on the MDGs, but despite the success, the indignity of poverty has not ended for all. The SDGs will now continue the much needed work, and ensure that no one is left behind. There are seventeen ambitious goals which encapsulate a message of hope that the world can unite to eliminate poverty, protect the planet, and provide a life of peace and dignity for all.

In this regard, the United Nations in Thailand will continue to work with the Royal Thai Government, to ensure the 2030 agenda is incorporated in the national agenda. The SDGs require political leadership, integrated action and collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders, and the United Nations is ready to help make the SDGs in Thailand a success.

I am aware that under your corporate social responsibility programme, P & G in Thailand is focusing on education, gender equality and access to clean safe water. Education is a crucial factor in keeping people out of poverty. In Thailand, like many parts of the world, a lot of progress has been made in the education sector. But we do know that more focus needs to be paid to a segment of society who are vulnerable and often marginalized, making it more difficult for them to access good quality education. These include children with disabilities and differing abilities, and I am pleased that P & G in Thailand through the ‘Gift of Learning’ programme, is supporting hundreds of children with disabilities to receive the appropriate support in the classroom that they so truly deserve.

In terms of gender equality, Thailand has taken significant strides, but we have much more work to do. For instance, out of about 7,000 political positions, in villages and towns across Thailand, women account for just 4 per cent. In Parliament, women make up just 16 per cent, although they represent more than half of Thailand’s population.

We have to support women stand for public offices in Thailand, and take part in decisions that ultimately affect their families and communities. The United Nations in Thailand recognises the importance of gender equality, and the empowerment of women and girls. The United Nations has a number of projects centred on women, including the empowerment of women in the Southern provinces of Thailand.

Access to clean and safe water allows for healthier individuals and families, leading to a more active workforce and thus, higher levels of economic productivity. Access to water is also important for the education of future generations. With consistent access to clean water in this area, children can focus on their studies rather than finding new sources of clean water for their family.

Significant progress has been made in Thailand in relation to access to sanitation, especially rural basic sanitation. However, the contrast between people who have access to water and sanitation in modern cities, and those who suffer from the lack of access to these basic services and have been left behind, continues to persist. I am pleased that P & G has made access to clean drinking water, a priority under your CSR programme.

More than 8 million people from 194 countries participated in the My World survey to define the new global develpment agenda. This is the largest consultation ever conducted by the United Nations. The first award won by P & G was the My World Outreach Award for Asia-Pacific and Oceania. The award was in recognition of your work in reaching out to your clients, schools, consumer protection boards, and one of the largest supermarket chains, TESCO Lotus.

This second award is from the People’s Voices Challenge. The Peoples’ Voices Challenge and Awards is an initiative developed by the UN Millennium Campaign, with the collaboration of UN Volunteers and other strategic partners, to acknowledge the contribution of citizens and partners around the world to the Millennium Development Goals and the global conversation on the post-2015 agenda. This Best Communications Campaign award recognises the efforts of P& G in working with media outlets, and developing advertising products and tools to showcase peoples’ engagement in post-2015 development agenda.

So it is with great pleasure that I present this award to P & G in Thailand for this important achievement. I will like to thank Raul, Khun Kannika and all of the staff at P&G in Thailand for your commitment, dedication and leadership in spearheading your CSR programme to the benefit of all in Thailand. It is clear to see that when we work together in partnership, that so much can be achieved, and that together, we can continue to build a better future for Thai people in this new post-2015 development era.

Thank you.

Best Communications Campaign Award Ceremony 2015


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