UNDP, Citi Foundation, Air Asia and NIA kicked off their 3rd Youth Co: Lab in Bangkok to advance innovation and entrepreneurial skills for young social innovators, with a strong focus on “Respect Differences, Embrace Diversity.”
Wassana Petdaeng remembers scampering onto her mother’s boat even before the sun rose. Twice a week it was a routine she looked forward to, cutting sedge grass to sell to villagers who would use it to create handicrafts. Now nearly five decades later, while she still cuts sedge grass, she says it a resource that is threatened. In the past several years, dry weather linked to climate change and the rise of palm oil plantations have led to the decline of peat swamps where sedge grass grown.
New study reveals favourable attitudes towards LGBT people in Thailand, but also persistent stigma, discrimination, violence and exclusion.
Tolerance but not Inclusion: A national survey on experiences of discrimination and social attitudes towards LGBT people in Thailand
Opportunities and Challenges for Accelerating Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals

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