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The Royal Thai Government launches with UNDP support a new climate change adaptation project financed by the Green Climate Fund

Increasing resilience to climate change impacts in marine and coastal areas along the Gulf of Thailand.  

UNDP Thailand/Krungthai Bank jointly launch a crowdfunding campaign to help people affected by Covid 19 on Koh Tao

UNDP Thailand, together with Krungthai Bank, launch “Koh Tao, Better Together” crowdfunding campaign, aimed at raising 1.944 million Baht to help small tourist boat drivers on Koh Tao who have…  

Koh Tao: Better Together – Supporting Koh Tao’s Tourist Boat Drivers during Covid-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every facet of people’s lives in every corner of Thailand. Back in February 2020, The Royal Thai Government has addressed the COVID-19 in an integrated manner to…  

The Biodiversity Finance Plan

The Biodiversity Finance Plan outlines a set of actions which would help to significantly improve the management and financing of biodiversity conservation in Thailand. The Plan calls for an…  

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BIOFIN Synthesis Report for Thailand

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