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“Play and Learn” Yard of the Baan Na Community, Nakhon Nayok, Thailand

The project entitled “Zero Hunger and Well-Being among All”, initiated by the Women’s Health Advocacy Foundation (WHAF), in partnership with UNDP through the “COVID-19 Socio-economic Response and…  

Situation Analysis of Substance Use among LGBT Communities in Thailand

The report makes available Thailand-specific data on the substance use–related behaviours of the LGBT community that can potentially put them at risk.  

The Piggy Bank

“Rice and salt are fundamentals of life, but pigs provide security for the family. As well as being the main source of food and used in important Karen rituals, pigs can also be sold to generate…  

The Empowering Opportunity

The story of a former victim of human-trafficking who turned her life around with self-empowerment through volunteering to help others.  

[Op-Ed] In the time of COVID, strengthening tobacco control makes even more sense for Thailand.

While Thailand tackles its third wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, the country has been facing another, even more deadly epidemic for many years: tobacco use.  

UNDP and Japan partner to contribute to the COVID-19 Response and Recovery in Thailand

With support from the Government of Japan, UNDP launches grant activities to assist vulnerable groups suffering from socio-economic impacts as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand.  

Cutting Away the COVID Blues

“I used to earn around 300–400 THB before the pandemic, and this was enough to feed my family. In the current context, days go by where I have no income at all,” says Mr. Somkiat Tungengtaracharoen,…  

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