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A race to achieve the SDGs at local level, can grassroots innovations be the answer?

Grassroots innovations are gateways to understanding real needs of the communities and a perfect entry point for co-creating solutions which embrace local wisdom and place local innovators at the…  

A New Opportunity amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

Mongkol Pinkaew (Cherry), a 37-year-old, has mobility disabilities of a paraplegic nature and is a wheelchair user. She has managed to overcome many obstacles and earned a living as a souvenir vendor…  

“Play and Learn” Yard of the Baan Na Community, Nakhon Nayok, Thailand

The project entitled “Zero Hunger and Well-Being among All”, initiated by the Women’s Health Advocacy Foundation (WHAF), in partnership with UNDP through the “COVID-19 Socio-economic Response and…  

Mak Yoh: a breadwinner with hope for local food preservation along the southern border

Mak Yoh is a small, elderly woman with the dark sun-exposed skin of a seaside villager. At the age of 67, this active lady had the look of perseverance in her eyes. When I first met her during the…  

UNDP Launches an Accelerator Lab to Advance Thailand’s Progress Towards the SDGs

The Accelerator Labs are UNDP’s initiative to work together with national and global partners to reimagine development for the 21st Century.  

Krajood Under Threat

Nobody could have predicted that “Krajood” (saltmarsh bulrush; an exotic vegetation that grows in the southern region) in Phru would be threatened with extinction.  

Thailand and UNDP join hands to strengthen innovation in public sector to accelerate development

Representatives from government agencies and business associations witnessed the signing ceremony between the Royal Thai Government, represented by the National Economic and Social Development…  

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