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Thailand CPEIR

Thailand Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Review (CPEIR)

Jan 9, 2013

This climate public expenditure and institutional review (CPEIR) of Thailand represents a first attempt to map government's response to climate change, which is becoming a major theme for public policy. Building on a developing international methodology, the study has carried out new research into the policy, institutional and public expenditure committments to climate change. This is an emerging field of analysis and this study has no precedent in Thailand. The study has completed original research at bot the central government and local government levels.

The CPEIR is exploratory in nature rather than beign a statistically rigorous study, although we believe that the broad conclusions and recommendations that arise will hold firm as further studies are carried out and more in-depth understanding is developed from further research.This CPEIR represents a first analytical exercise into the national response to climate change, which, by its very nature will remain a major policy concern into the foreseeable future.

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