Stories of Stigma: Exploring Stigma and Discrimination against Thai Transgender People while Accessing Health Care and in Other Settings

Feb 26, 2020

The study explores the various forms of stigma and discrimination experienced by transgender women, often resulting in violence and abuse, and barriers to accessing employment, education, health care and other social services. It examines stigma during childhood, within the family, at school and in health care settings, as well as stigma within the transgender community and HIV-related stigma. The findings of the study point to the need for more effective advocacy to increase the understanding of transgender people on how the structure, culture and institutions of Thai society instill, reinforce and perpetuate stigma against them. To achieve this, the report provides recommendations for an advocacy movement based on a broad vision, rooted in understanding the causes of stigma against transgender people, with the overall objective of promoting structural change – starting with legal reform.

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