The Social Incubator Playbook

Oct 31, 2019

Social enterprise and social innovation address challenges and opportunities within communities and, in many ways, promote inclusion of the most vulnerable and marginalized as well as provide a platform for voice and economic participation for those who are left behind. They can potentially be great tools to tackle today’s challenges that are increasingly complex, interrelated, and unpredictable. However, a majority of social entreprises and social innovation knowledge and resource networks and platforms are centralized in the big cities while in reality, there are many potential talents and conveners living all over. Moreover, each region is very different in term of needs, challenges, conditions, resources, etc., therefore, a deep understanding of local context and a wide range of networks to connect with are crucial. For this reason, local people and local spaces are ultimately the key sites of development to further develop the social enterprise and social innovation ecosystem in each respective region.

This playbook has been especially designed with tools, methodologies and assessment in each stage of growth gathered from various innovation school in Thailand to help local Changemakers disseminate knowledge and resources to a wider area – to localize social innovation and social enterprises for a greater societal impact and collectively achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

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