10 July 2018, Bangkok - CP ALL Public Company Limited, Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed an MOU to join hands in an effort to reduce single-use plastics and increase energy efficiency to combat greenhouse gas emissions, the main cause of Global Warming.

According to a study from the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment), people are addicted to single-use or disposable plastics which have severe environmental consequences. A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and around 5 trillion plastic bags are used each year. Using plastics is considered a threat to the environment both on land and below water. It is estimated that over 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans every year severely impacting marine life including fish and seabirds which are caught in or ingest plastic debris. Another report from Ocean Conservancy reveals that Thailand is one of six countries that are responsible for 60 % of all plastic waste.

To address this situation, CP ALL Public Company Limited, Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP Thailand) have decided to partner to reduce the use of plastic bags and promote the concept of sustainable city.

Mr. Suwit Kingkaew, Chairman of the Sustainable Development Subcommittee of the CP All Public Company Limited, said that CP All Public Company Limited, the founder of Seven Eleven in Thailand, is very committed to sustainable development and has been selected as a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in the Food & Staples Retailing industry in 2017. The company has started 12 years ago a campaign to reduce and stop using plastic bags through the ‘7 Go Green Project’ (Seven Go Green). “We want to promote sustainable environment for our community, society and country through various means under ‘reduce and stop using plastic bags’ project”.

"The company is also aware about climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions caused by various human activities is a major factor of climate change. CP ALL wishes to be a part of the solution and foster energy efficiency management including through its participation in the UNDP Low-Carbon City Project”.

"Global warming is all around and affecting us all. Multi sector collaboration is very important. Reducing the use of plastic bags is one of the activities that everyone can join to combat climate change.” Mr. Prasertsuk Paetunsittichai, Director of Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization added.

"The Sustainable Development Goals cannot be achieved by a stand-alone actor. It can only be done by engaging everyone. How can we promote a clean and sustainable city if single use plastics and overuse of energy are still so common in our society? I am very pleased to be a part of the launch of the campaign today. It makes me more confident that we are on the right path in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including the Goals to build Sustainable Cities and Communities, to promote Responsible Consumption and Production, and to combat global warming." Said Renaud Meyer, Resident Representative of UNDP in Thailand.


For more information, please contact;

Ampa Panpayangsang (Pum) Office of Communications and Corporate Management, CP All Public Company Limited

Email: Ampapanpay@cpall.co.th, 089-488-1400


Tanyalak Thongyoojaroen, Communications and Outreach Officer

Email: tanyalak.thongyoojaroen@undp.org

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