UNDP's partnership on democratic governance in Thailand is targeted at both ends of the democracy spectrum – the decentralized grassroots level and the central national level. At the local level, UNDP supports on-going efforts to promote participatory development planning and decision-making, building capacity for effective implementation of poverty reduction and development programmes, the empowerment of women, and works to create a stronger voice for people in local governance..

UNDP is working closely with the Royal Thai Government and NGOs as an engaged partner. The Environment programme under the 2012-2016 UNDP Thailand Country Programme has set targets for supporting national mechanisms in environmental policy and regulation, community management of natural resources, and developing knowledge management around environmental initiatives and policy advocacy. Specific projects include building national capacity to facilitate the implementation of obligations under international environmental conventions and supporting policies and dialogues on new climate change initiatives. 

Thailand has reached new economic heights quickly, lifting millions out of poverty and providing opportunities for education and health care to millions of Thais. But middle-income challenges persist. Just about 16 percent of Thai Parliament is represented by women. Economic and social inequalities are stark. Development challenges in a middle-income country are unique and critical.


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