UNDP Transformation Series

The UNDP Transformation Series gathers progressive ideas and voices on achieving the 2030 Agenda through UNDP's Strategic Plan.

The case for governance

Panama’s potential to review its socio-economic contract and look to more inclusive development.  

When it comes to decision-making, women must move from the margins to the mainstream

Twenty-five years after the landmark Beijing women's conference politics remains overwhelmingly the domain of men.  

Rule of law and sustaining peace in times of COVID-19

The Global Focal Point for the Rule of Law provides a powerful tool to address deficits in countries in conflict and fragile settings.  

Facing down injustice in the age of a pandemic

Securing the social contract through accountability, trust and inclusion.  

Business continuity insurance; a missing link in global protection

Creating a safety net for billions of the world's small business owners.  

Protecting young startups during COVID-19

Seventy two percent of young people think corruption is holding back their country.  

Business and human rights

Supporting the internationally-accepted framework for standards and practices.  

Coming out of coronavirus with more compassion and resilience

Lessons and opportunities for India.  

Global solidarity in the face of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has upended almost every aspect of life as we know it.  

Five ways to keep remittances flowing in COVID-19

Remittances account for more than 10 percent of GDP in 30 countries. It's essential to make them easier to send and receive.  

Traditional and modern ways to approach COVID-19 in Algeria

What can a small village teach us about a pandemic response?  

To build back, women must be included in decision making

Recent newspaper articles have remarked that the governments that have dealt well with the COVID- 19 pandemic, sare those that have women in key positions.  

Caring for ourselves and for nature

As COVID-19 tracks across the globe, there have been many recent publications by the conservation community focusing on how nature will be key to avoiding another pandemic  

Promoting accountability and transparency during COVID-19

Countries cannot ignore corruption during the COVID-19 response.  

The ocean and COVID-19

As we celebrate World Ocean Day, it is timely to reflect on the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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